Finding the YOU in natural is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I’ve gone through so many interests that never stuck or I never finished. I got bored easily, even though they struck my interest. When things got hard or boring I always quit, never could I figure out why or what to do with myself. So, how do you find your natural self? My thought, now being a 34-year-old mother of 3, was to explore my interests and show my kids that no matter how hard things get, if it’s something you want to pursue, than stick with it; next, if you have more than one interest than you should follow all of them. Eventually, everything your interested in can become one in a great career and life paths. Writing, technology,  and creating projects are the main interests I have.

First, being free of rules and guidelines in writing is “natural” for me, I have taken 3 different writing classes, starting with grammar, yet it doesn’t stick with me very well. When I want to write for fun, it feels more natural than when I try to follow all the rules and guidelines. It took me a full week to write a paragraph describing a place I call Utopia, that’s not the real name. Even though I was pleased with my grade I get in my writing classes, I wouldn’t want to write school papers forever, it is very stressful because I over think and then get frustrated. It’s all about following your natural self instead of following what others think your should be or think you should do.

Second, when the internet started becoming a thing in people’s homes, it was like I had always been around computers. I taught myself how to get around email, the web, and instant messengers. The feeling of being just right, I was meant to be around technology. For pleasure, I would create webpages that were pretty much journals; however, the design behind the webpages is what struck my interests. Making a webpage that had cool colors and different themes was fun. Now, I am trying to find myself again in the new age of technology, it’s been 10 years since I played around with any type of webpages or writing. When I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to be a nurse; then, taking 5 years off of work and school to take care of 2 more children I had, I decided I wanted to learn Computers. The first step that I took, getting my AAS for Computer Information Systems  (work in progress), I want to know how computers and the web work behind the scenes. Moreover, I also found a few sites that can teach you how to program, among a free course website that offers multiple classes, which are self paced, while being able to get certified when you’ve completed the class., scratch, codeacademy, and these are places that I have been going to in order to learn how to program. All of this is just the beginning for me, I have only just started my way to being my natural self.

MOOC_poster_mathplourde    tudelft-campus-online-education

This smiley is my first code project in scratch, it looks easy, and might be for some; however, for me nothing is easy at first. It was a lot of fun creating this and accomplishing a project that was hard, I was very happy.

Finally, how do you become a natural in this vast changing world? You explore all your interests and complete them, with all your “Natural” tools that are inside of yourself. The only way to become happy in life is by being someone who “YOU” can be happy with.





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