New Era for Technology

Technology is an extension of our creativity and power. With advances in medicine down to the rooms of elementary kids, computers are a part of everybody’s life.  Advances in the medical field has changed society in numerous ways, there are pacemakers that help the heart pump, bionic limbs that can help bring sensation to your body, and much more advances in medicine. Here is a video of a lady trying on her new bionic hand.

As you can see there is no limit to what we can create when it comes to technology, it is fascinating to see people being able to come back to a full self with a new prosthetic that is more than medical; it’s TECHNICAL!

There are classes that can be taken online for K-12 grade students, on this site you can determine whether online homeschooling is right for you and your child; moreover, community colleges and university’s are offering more and more classes online. When I started school in 2007, I took my first few courses on campus and did very well; however, when I took chemistry on campus I felt uneasy because I didn’t understand the material at all. The following semester they had offered chemistry online and that’s when I fell in love with online classes. I had received an A in that online chemistry class and it was invigorating, the way the online class was taught was with PowerPoint slides and on campus labs every Friday. From that point on I have tried to take as many of my classes online; although, I still don’t get complete A’s in all my online class, but I do better understanding the material when I can study at my own pace. Edx is an online course provider, which has courses available to either take for extra knowledge or complete the course to get certified, I am starting a programming course through Edx and so far I am really enjoying it. There isn’t a wide range of what I would call “natural classes”; however, there are, Psych, Tech, Business, and a few other courses. Shimon Schocken explains how taking an online course is beneficial to education, not to replace traditional schools, but to enhance peoples learning in school. 

                                                                       Therefore, no matter where your mind takes you or what your goal is, you have the world at your fingertips with so many resources available offline and on.




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